Gennady Kurushin


Professional with broad experience in design and marketing. Committed to creating eye-catching visual content and websites that will boost your brand awareness and deliver the message to the target audience. Trusted by a number of Finnish companies and aimed at building a lasting relationship with the clients.

Tech Skills

Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Affinity Designer, Illustrator, Sketch, Animate, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, SEO, Social Media, MailChimp, Hootsuite, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, R, Microsoft Office, Google Docs


English: full working proficiency
Russian: native proficiency
Finnish: limited working proficiency


Master’s degree in Electronic and Mobile Commerce
Åbo Akademi University, 9/2012 – 6/2014
Major: information systems. Graduated with exceptional honour.

Master’s degree in Management
Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, 9/2005 – 6/2010
Major: organisation management. Graduated with honour.

Work Experience

Graphic & Web Designer
Cobalt Studio, 9/2015 – PRES.
During the past years, Gennady has been successfully working with numerous Finnish companies and organizations, including UNA Oy, Soft Protector Oy, Recover Nordic Oy and many other clients. Gennady has been performing such tasks as graphic design of printed and digital materials, web design and administration, branding and digital marketing consulting.

Business Development Manager
BFIX Oy, 10/2014 – 10/2015
Build relationships with new clients, determine sales targets and ensure they are achieved, marketing campaigns planning and implementation.

Marketing Manager
Tespack Oy, 3/2014 – 7/2014
Development of marketing strategy, concept design, planning and implementation of digital marketing campaigns, web analytics.

Senior Business Analyst
Blackwood Real estate, Ltd., 10/2011 – 6/2012
Business concept development, identifying strategic problems and opportunities, data collection, forecasting, analysis and reporting.

Marketing Manager
Hitek Group, Ltd., 3/2010 – 3/2011
Market research, product and client portfolio analysis, supporting the launch of new products, PR and advertising, communication.

Consulting Analyst
Penny Lane Realty, Ltd., 1/2008 – 1/2010
Supporting project development, collecting, analysing and presenting data, marketing research, forecasting, financial valuation, reporting.

Ongoing projects

Kansainvälisten suhteiden tutkimuksen seura ry, 8/2021 – PRES.
Website ( visual enhancements and web maintenance.

Hankkinen Oy, 1/2020 – PRES.
Create business website ( Design logo, brand identity, presentation templates, web maintenance.

Finnish Delegation of S&D Group, 12/2019 – PRES.
Create a website ( for MEP Eero Heinäluoma, design email templates, web maintenance.

UNA Oy, 1/2019 – PRES
Develop a corporate website (, design marketing materials and produce promo videos, web maintenance.

Valtiotieteellinen yhdistys ry, 3/2017 – PRES.
Administration of the website ( of Political Science Association. Building landing pages, improving visual look and identity, design promo materials, design logos for multiple projects.

Allegra Lab Helsinki ry, 2/2017 – PRES.
Administration and tech support of several websites (,, etc.) of an international scientific media organisation, SEO and digital marketing consulting.

Soft Protector Oy, 7/2016 – PRES.
Develop visual appearance of new products including labels, packaging, bottles, etc. Design marketing materials for web and print adverts.

AntroBlogi, 7/2015 – PRES.
Design a brand new website ( for Finnish digital media organisation. Branding and logo design, design of promo materials for printing and the web. Video filming and editing.

Completed projects

TM-Vakuutusvälitys Oy, 01/2021 – 02/2021
Design a promo brochure.

Uppsala University, 01/2020 – 02/2021
Create a website for an academic research network.

Poliittisen talouden tutkimuksen seura, 12/2020 – 01/2021
Website customization and styling.

Helsingin yliopisto, 10/2020 – 12/2020
Design a unified set of new logos for multiple projects.

Tampere University Foundation, 5/2020 – 6/2020
Data visualization and infographics.

Programme Indépendant de Recherche, 11/2019 – 01/2020
Website ( maintenance and technical improvements.

Valtiotieteellinen tiedekunta, 2/2019 – 5/2019
Develop a multilingual website ( presenting official instructions for Finnish citizens.

Pohjoismaisten kv-suhteiden tutkimuksen kannatusyhdistys ry, 3/2018 – 5/2018
Develop a new site ( for the Nordic International Studies Association (NISA).

ETMU ry, 1/2018 – 5/2018
Design a new logo and develop a new publishing site (, redesign the current site ( and create a new logo.

Exsilio Oy, 3/2017 – 8/2017
Develop a new corporate website ( and a new product website ( for a Finnish innovative management consulting company. Design marketing materials for print and the web.

Recover Nordic Oy, 10/2016 – 8/2021
Design brochures, adverts and other marketing materials, as well as roll-up and exhibition, stands for promotional purposes.

Technische Universiteit Delft, 10/2016 – 2/2017
Produce a series of promo videos for Businessmakeover, project funded by the European Union and aimed at supporting of SMEs and startups.

IDT Messaging Oy, 9/2015 – 10/2015
Assist in the design and development of a new cross-platform messenger app.

Siebe Projects Oy, 6/2014 – 2/2017
Design UI assets for innovative location sharing app for Android OS. Design logo, business cards and other branding attributes.


Many clients and former colleagues are recommending Gennady. To see the original references, please visit Gennady’s LinkedIn profile and scroll down until the Recommendations section appears. Here are the latest recommendations:

“Asiakaslähtöinen ja joustava palvelu niin suunnittelussa kuin nettisivujen ylläpidon osalta. Yhteistyö toiminut todella hyvin! Suosittelen isommille mutta myös pienemmille yhteisöille, sillä henkilökohtainen palvelu helpottaa arkea.”

Elisa Selinummi, Johdon assistentti at Eduskunta

“Gennady on mahtava tyyppi, jonka kanssa oli ilo tehdä yhteistyötä. Asiantuntevalla, innovatiivisellä ja osaavalla otteella hän loi uuden markkinointimateriaalin ja vielä täysin mahdottomassa aikataulussa. Olimme hyvin tyytyväisiä hänen työnsä lopputulokseen.”

Annika Jurvanen, Director Consultant at CGI

“Gennady has been doing the maintenance of the anthropology blog/website for several years, to the extent that we came to consider him as the ‘managing editor’ of the site. Allegra is a collective non-profit initiative with no vertical structure, which means that decision-making is always achieved through consensus. The transformations on the blog are therefore the result of long discussions, in which Gennady’s technical expertise is crucial to guide us toward solutions best adapted to our needs. Gennady is not only a reliable person but also ean xtremely flexible and accommodating professional. The website could simply not exist without him!”

Julie Billaud, Associate Professor

“Gennady helped us with the blog and website renewal. Gennady coordinated and conducted the project carefully on schedule. He is enthusiastic, very dedicated to his work and easy to communicate with. He is also well aware about the latest regulations and recommendations concerning privacy, google searches etc. Our organization highly recommends!”

Elina Turjanmaa, Postdoctoral Researcher

“For a longer period, Gennady has been assisting Recover Nordic Oy with design (print and web), photography and media visibility & analytics. We have been very pleased with Gennady’s work! Gennady is a true professional who handles every project with the same enthusiasm and with a great eye for detail. He is able to deliver top quality even in very tight deadlines. Our collaboration has been much appreciated!”

Minna Somersaari, HR Manager Finland at Philips

“I would highly recommend Gennady for any freelance or full time work – it is hard to find a more trustworthy and skillful person who can control various projects at the same time while providing fantastic results. Additionally, he is an expert in many aspects such as taking photos, designing visuals (such as labels, posters, banners etc.), understanding SEO+SEM and creating websites – just to name a few.”

Sini Lehtonen, Digital Advisor at EY

“Gennady truly has a broad experience in design and digital marketing. He is very easy to work with and he easily understands our company’s needs, sometimes even better than we do. Gennady is quick, precise and has very good visual eye. For our company Gennady has provided both printed and digital materials, brochures, roll-ups, adverts, product displays, in-store materials, labels, product and event photography, for example. We are very happy to have him in our team and would recommend him highly.”

Päivi Fogelberg, Hallintopäällikkö at Suomalaisen Työn Liitto

“Gennady has created for our project a multilingual website aimed at educating Finnish citizens about remote voting. The services provided by Gennady were according to our requirements and the development project was successfully completed in time. Gennady was very professional, efficient and flexible. The final result exceeded our expectations, and I would warmly recommend Gennady to any similar projects!”

Johanna Peltoniemi, Postdoctoral Researcher

“Luotettava, luova, nopea ja työnantajansa toiveita tarkasti kuunteleva toteuttaja, jolta saa kätevän keskitetysti kaikki graafisen-, websuunnittelun, yms. palvelut. Tietää miten pientä budjettia voidaan hyödyntää parhaiten yleishyödyllisen toiminnan puitteissa. Täydellinen paketti!”

Suvi Jaakkola, Editor In Chief at AntroBlogi