Exhibition Helsinki - Moscow - Tokyo by Gennady Kurushin
This exhibition presents scenes from three capital cities—Helsinki, Moscow and Tokyo—after sundown. Gennady Kurushin’s photographs capture an unusual beauty that often hidden from view. By focusing on these three cities, the artist seeks to highlight the unique architecture and movement found within each one of them. The works in the exhibition were all shot in Helsinki, Moscow and Tokyo between 2013 and 2015.

The exhibition can be seen at Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre starting from 23.03.2017. Address: Nordenskiöldinkatu 1, 3rd floor, Helsinki.

Gennady Kurushin has a special interest in urban photography. Having worked for many years with film cameras and black and white images, he understands the importance of composition and getting each individual shot just right. In more recent years, Kurushin has moved towards a more experimental approach that includes more use of colour. He has drawn his inspiration from such works as the literature of Lewis Carroll, the music of Pink Floyd, and other photographers such as Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson.
“I have always enjoyed night walks and seen particular beauty in the minimalism of night scenes. In addition, the use of long exposure removes noisy human presence from the scene, turning it into traces of light and shadows that emphasize timeflow and the motion of the city, rather than one particular moment.” – Gennady Kurushin, 2016.

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