Stone giant
Amazing natural monument in Gotland.
Beautiful shore of the Utö island at the sunset.
Urban Camelot
Industrial structures at Munkkisaari, Helsinki.
The Order
Surreal monument in the center of Helsinki.
The path
Nature trail in Vanhakaupunki leading to Lammassaari.
Winter gradient
Early ice formation, Helsinki.
Stone Maze
Surreal scenery from Utö island, Finland,
Welcome to Sea Resort
View from Liuskasaari pier dring the winter in Helsinki.
Temple of Urbanisation
Old partially abandoned industrial building in Helsinki.
Sunset at Suomenlinna
Beautiful Suomenlinna island, part of UNESCO World Heritage.
Tale of the house
surreal scenery captured during the LUX light festival in Helsinki.
Sun Waves
Small islands of the Archipelago Sea.
Stay away from the edge
Road next to the cliff, Paldiski.
Space fighter
Impressive monument in Helsinki, night, long exposure.
Space station
Abandoned Ferris wheel in Berlin.
Smooth turn
Long exposure scenery from Stockholm.
Viikki nature trail, Helsinki.
Pink spectrum
Visby at the sunset, capital of Gotland.
Porvoo streets
Streets of Porvoo, famous for its traditional architecture.
Pink Dream
Military island nearby Helsinki captured from a ferry boat to Tallinn.
Boat gliding near the Helsinki shore at night.
Mountain lake in the north of Italy.
Silver Shore
Typical Helsinki shore in a windy autumn day,
Night Race in Stockholm
Night traffic lights captured from the nearby bridge in Stockholm.
Moss & Pines
Nature reservation nearby Porvoo, Finland.
Memorial in Berlin, architect Peter Eisenman.
Monochrome Hanko
View to the center of Hanko, Finland.
Melting clouds
Morning fog at Kyrösjärvi, Finland.
Military islands Länsi-Musta and Pikku-Musta, Helsinki.
Wooden pier, Utö - small island in the Baltic sea and belongs to Pargas municipality.
In the Shadow of History
Venice streets during the summer afternoon heat.
Iron giants
Cargo cranes at the old harbor of Munkkisaari, Helsinki.
Helsinki Islands
Winter Liukusaari at the sunset, Helsinki.
Heart of Helsinki
Helsinki Cathedral illuminated for LUX Helsinki winter festival.
Gamla Stan Perspective
Colorful streets of Gamla Stan.
Gotland Stone Arch
Natural stone monuments scattered around Gotland island.
Frozen Mars
View to Liuskasaari at the sunset.
Fire and Ice
Sunrise at the Kyrösjärvi lake near Ikaalinen.
Colors of Venice
Beautiful scenery from the Venice.
Bridge to Gamla stan
Night citycape from the very heart of Stockholm.
Birds are leaving
Vanhakaupunki scenery in Helsinki before the sunrise. Canadian geese vising Helsinki every summer.
Seashore of Hanko, Finland.
Birds-eye Hanko
Main church of Hanko, designed by an architect Johan Jacob Ahrenberg
One of the most famous streets in Helsinki, part of "Helsinki – Moscow – Tokyo" series for the exhibition at Virka Gallery
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