Lecture presentation by Gennady Kurushin

WordPress talks at WP Helsinki

Since helping to organize WordCamp Finland in 2016, I’ve been an active member of the Helsinki WordPress community. It is very welcoming for both professionals and enthusiasts. I’ve been using WordPress in my work for many years and I found it very helpful to be able to exchange experience and knowledge with others and also just have nice conversations afterwards with people who are also passionate about the future of the web.
I have tried to contribute to the community by sharing my knowledge with others. I’ve given a series of talks and lectures during the past years.

In 2020 I gave an introductory lecture about SEO. I talked about the basic aspects of Search engine optimization (SEO) process and how it could improve the quantity and quality of web traffic and help your web pages to appear early in the search results. The lecture also covered SEO strategy, on-page and off-page SEO, sitewide SEO, tools and learning resources.

In 2018 I talked about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – EU legislation affecting any website or company storing data of EU citizens. The legislation took effect on 25 May 2018. Non-compliance with the new law might have serious financial consequences. During the Meetup we’ve discussed the key aspects of GDPR and how they might affect your website and business practices: what is GDPR and personal data, compliance checklist, understanding consent, WordPress and GDPR, helpful tips and tools.

In 2017 I’ve discussed the importance of visual content and how to use images more effectively to boost the appearance of your website. The talk covered several topics including the basics of colour theory and effect of colours on user behaviour; golden mean – finding a compromise between quality and efficiency by optimizing images for the web; image use rights – what do you need to know before uploading pictures to your public website. The recording of the talk is available here: